Reo Ora

Who do you know who is helping revitalise the Māori Language?

Ngā Tohu Reo Māori | Māori Language Awards

Have you or your organisation been celebrating or promoting te reo Māori over the past year, or do you know of people who have?

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission) recognise people and organisations who celebrate and promote te reo Māori through Ngā Tohu Reo Māori, National Māori Language Awards.

If you know of anyone or any organisation who have taken up the wero to make te reo Māori a living language in their life, whānau, business, school, kura, kōhanga, early childhood centre, anywhere really, we want to hear from you and or them.  Kia kaha te reo Māori.

A sample entry is available to view here, or if you are ready to nominate go to the entry form.